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 Boll Enterprises has been involved in business development since 1991. First as R Boll Innovations, Later as Boll Enterprises and finally as Boll Enterprises LLC in 2004. Starting 1991 with product development and new product marketing, then changing to small business start-up and development in 1994. After 20 years of  helping others start businesses we have returned to our roots of product research and development. Our experience has taught us that it is always the new Idea that gets the most attention and has the fastest growth in this competitive world of capitalism.

Over time we have developed relationships with experts in fields beyond our own skills and knowledge. These collaborations will enable you to focus on project management while we work to meet your quality and feasibility requirements. 

The research and development team at Boll Enterprises has the experience to know what experts you need and have access to facilities that will bring to you the results you want, we strive to deliver these results on time and within budget.




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